By faith



Lifter of my head


“I am bowed down, my eyes are cast to the ground because of my foes, my troubles and trials,
You, O Lord, are the lifter of my head, that my eyes may look to You. That my eyes may be fixed on Your eyes filled with Love, Compassion and Grace.
I will look to You, till You have mercy on me, till my soul returns to its rest and peace in You. Amen”

Taking Off




I cannot say that I know too much about planes, or the intricacies thereof, but one tends to pick up on things as you watch and observe.

Watching small aircraft take-off, fly and land I have noticed that the take-off is influenced / affected by various factors.

Generally, smaller aircraft have what would be called STOL [short take off and landing], except in the case of helicopters/chiro-copters that take-off and land vertically.

One factor that affects take-off is the wind:- wind speed; wind direction; cross-winds; sudden wind-gusts, etc.  Another factor is the pilot and co-pilot:- an in-/experienced pilot; a pilot in training; a pilot in different type of plane for the first time; a pilot’s attitude and courage and confidence, etc. 

We could liken a plane to our life, and the factors (i.e wind, weather) the obstacles, tests or trials, and so forth.

At various times in our life and in our relationship with God, we also take-off to new, deeper levels. Deeper levels of maturity; deeper levels of character forming; deeper levels of our personal walk and relationship with Him; deeper levels of promotion / authority; deeper levels of our purpose / calling / destiny.
In this we all face factors that could and do affect us. Often times we also need to “take-off” amidst strong crosswinds, high-speed winds, or sudden gusts of wind, which try to force us off course, discourage us or make us want to give up.
But, we need to push through, persist and persevere, knowing that we cannot start the process of “taking-off” and not see it through….

We also are, or should be, the co-pilots. And God should be the Pilot of our plane. If you are the pilot then who is your Instructor? Who teaches you the controls? Who teaches you the handling of the plane? Who teaches you how to take-off smoothly against the odds? Who teaches you the unknown and eases you into it? Who warns you what to look out for, what to be aware of?

“Taking-off” is a journey, not a race. It should be enjoyable and exciting!

But, be sure to have an Instructor (God) who is experienced and wants only the best for you, who gives you the manual (Bible), and let Him be the Pilot at the controls of your plane, which is your life. Trust Him, He does know what He is doing.

God Bless!